About Us

Welcome to Skölland Jewelry, here you'll find bespoke pieces that put personality into metal.


Each piece I offer is crafted in my small batches in my home studio from high-quality silver or gold alloys. My goal is to keep the "hand" in handmade, and provide you with an heirloom-quality piece that speaks to you.

Our Perspective & Story

Hi, I’m Claire.

Born in Chicago, IL- now residing in Wisconsin. Becoming a jeweler wasn’t my first career path- I had a lot of creative (and un-creative) ventures before I came to this one.

I’ve been working as a jeweler for the last 6 years. I previously ran a shop called “Claire’s Creative Designs” for 4 years and worked as a Designer & Goldsmith for 3 other small businesses before returning to run my own shop- now called Skölland Jewelry. ( Skölland Limited Liability Co.)

My work is inspired by many different influences- Antiques, fiction novels, days gone by, natural landscapes, nature, medical, and rustic textures to name a few. I created Skölland Jewelry with the vision to intersect those influences to bring you pieces that are rustic, yet refined- a merger of old and new.

With a commitment to keeping the “hand” in handmade- everything sold here at Skölland Jewelry is 100% fabricated by hand. NO mass production is involved in our making or finishing process, ensuring you get a piece as unique as you are-every time. Every piece is individually worked on by hand, from start to finish. To create pieces that you will treasure for years to come.

Thanks for dropping by.

XOXO- Claire

If you're looking for something extra special, I do take custom orders. Feel free tocontact me to get started on your custom order today.